Laundry Service


Let us do the dirty work

Our "new technology" washers and dryers can cross laundry off your to-do list.
  • Just ask us for a reusable laundry tote. Toss your everyday, machine-washable items into the bag. Once it’s full of clothing, sheets, towels, and undergarments, drop it off at one of our two convenient locations and we’ll take it from there. OR we can pickup and deliver for free!

  • We separate your whites from your colors and make sure everything is washed at the right temperature. Each family’s laundry is washed separately. We never mix your clothes with those from another family.

  • We gently dry and professionally fold your fresh, clean clothes. We sort it all by gender and according to adult vs. children’s sizes. We even match the socks. Then it’s ready for pickup OR we can deliver it if you are a route customer. (Not a route customer? SIGN UP HERE)

You mean, besides everyone?

Retirees, college students, people living in senior housing, working parents, and more, all take advantage of this fast and affordable laundry service.

Your life is busy. Leave the laundry to us so you can focus on what you love.

At Lifestyle Garment Care, our #1 goal is to be the “Best Service Company in the World.”

How do we accomplish this? By providing every customer with the highest quality cleaning services and the best possible customer service. We’ve developed our training and skillsets to help you manage your busy life with constant and never ending improvement.