Complimentary Pick Up & Delivery


Stay Safe With Contact Free Service

Lifestyle Garment Care’s convenient, complimentary pick-up and delivery of your cleaning gives you freedom. All you have to do is register with our service. We determine your twice-a-week service days (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday). We clean your items with care and promptly return them to you the following service day. Your credit card is automatically billed. Now THAT’S hassle-free living!
How does it work?
  • We supply you with 2 VIP bags to fill with items you’d like us to clean. You’re then assigned weekly service days of Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday depending on your location.

  • Put the filled VIP bag out for pick-up by 8 a.m., keep the other bag in your closet to fill while the first VIP bag is being returned.

  • We retrieve your filled VIP bag on either of the service days, expertly care for your items and promptly deliver them to you the following service day.


At Lifestyle Garment Care, our #1 goal is to be the “Best Service Company in the World.”

How do we accomplish this? By providing every customer with the highest quality cleaning services and the best possible customer service. We’ve developed our training and skillsets to help you manage your busy life with constant and never ending improvement.