Frequently Asked Questions

Why not clean my clothes in a home washing machine? I’m trying to save money.
We applaud your desire to save money. However, professional cleaning actually saves you money in the long run. Clean clothes last longer. Data shows that people using a Professional Garment Care Expert on a regular basis clean their garments more often. Nothing is as hard on clothing as the oils your body naturally releases and the skin cells you constantly shed. Also, because of our computerized equipment utilized on each and every load, we have a gentler impact on the environment than you do when washing and drying at home. Finally, our professionals are stain-removal experts. We’ve been alarmed at some of the techniques we’ve seen promoted on social media and websites. Not only are most DIY stain remedies not effective, many will damage your clothing.

How often should I clean my clothes?

Clean clothes last longer, look great, and feel good. Of course, you should clean clothes anytime you see visible dirt. We also advise wearing work clothing no more than two days before a thorough cleaning. If you wear a shirt under your sweaters, you can delay cleaning a bit. However, remember that the most damaging substances your clothing will encounter are the oils and skin cells that your body naturally sheds. Our soap and cleaning techniques keep your clothing fresh and spotless, helping you consistently look great.
Will my clothes wear out faster if I wash them too often?
Too many people buy into the myth that washing wears out your clothes. In reality, proper cleaning extends the life of clothing and other washable items. Our customers find that their clothes often “ugly out” before they wear out. You just don’t have that same good feeling that you had when it was new. We pay particular attention to care labels, so you can trust us to care for your garments in the best possible way. Our professional techniques keep your garments looking like new.