About Us

We invest in our people and our community in order to deliver high-quality, professional cleaning services.

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We opened our doors in the Great Lakes Bay Region as Roth Cleaners in 1929. What we do goes beyond simple dry cleaning, though, so we changed our name to Lifestyle Laundry & Garment Care. One thing that never changed is our primary goal. We work hard every day to earn the title of best dry cleaner in the world. We practice constant and never-ending improvement in everything we do so we can better serve you.

That begins with endorsing a core philosophy based on empowering our employees to realize their full potential. We offer everyone on our team ongoing training to improve their professional cleaning skills but also their abilities in customer service, personal development, problem-solving, and creative thinking. We want your experience with our company to exceed your expectations in everything from the way we treat you to the way we fulfill your order.

What Makes Lifestyle Laundry & Garment Care Better?

Our expertise and passion go beyond clothing. Great Lakes Bay Region families trust us to clean and preserve special garments and heirloom pieces, such as wedding dresses. Turn to us for expert cleaning of large items, such as comforters or duvets. When daily laundry becomes too big a burden, we offer an affordable wash, dry & fold service.

Our greatest value comes from prolonging the life of your garments and other items, making everything look its best for as long as possible. Lifestyle Laundry & Garment Care extends the life of your clothing and household items, saving you money.
We Rise Beyond Expectations
Many cleaners use extremely harsh and smelly cleaning solvents and shortened cleaning cycles. It saves money, but it also shortens the life of your garments. The solvents and shortened process leaves your whites and colors dull and lifeless.

At Lifestyle Laundry & Garment Care, we use D5 Pure Silicone solvent in every load. It’s more expensive and requires a gentler and longer cycle, but your garments notice the difference and you will too. Our D5 Pure Silicone solvent is odorless, so you never have to worry about your garments having a funny smell when you get them home.

When it comes to shirts, other cleaners often use inexpensive, high-alkaline soaps that abrade the fabric’s fibers, reducing the garment’s useful life by up to 50%. White shirts look grey. Colored shifts look dull and faded.

At Lifestyle Laundry & Garment Care, we use the best soap available. Our soap is formulated to feel great against your skin, to brighten whites, and to keep colors bold. Your shirts not only look better, they also last longer.
We Deliver (and Pick Up) Quality
We all loathe errands. So why do them at all? That’s our take on the matter, and why we offer Complimentary Pickup & Delivery Service to your home or office. It’s easy. Take a minute today to sign up for this service and start saving time.
We Promise Prompt Service
Bring your order to one of our convenient locations by 8 a.m. and we’ll have your garments ready to wear by 5 p.m.